CodeX- Reasons Why

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CodeX- Bike Across America

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Image:     José M. Álvarez

Image: José M. Álvarez

"Coding class strikes a chord with students"
Vide en el Valle, July 2015

"I want a good career and a better life. As I keep progressing in my education, I’ll be a better person. This will be a good head start for me,' said Huaracha, who likes computers but is also thinking of following a career in engineering and possibly law school."

Image:   Nan Austin

Image: Nan Austin

"Hanshaw Middle students spending summer breaking code to better life"
The Modesto Bee, July 2015

"That’s their house?' kids asked incredulously. 'They live like rich people,' said an awestruck young voice. 'How do you get in?' asked one boy. Another wondered aloud if you had to buy time at a college, like a ticket."

Image:   Carl Skaggs

Image: Carl Skaggs

"Coding a Way out of Poverty"
New America Weekly, October 2016

"Some of the richest people on earth call California home, but so do the residents of Stanislaus County, where only 16 percent of adults hold college degrees. That’s half the national average. And by 2020, 65 percent of all jobs in the United States will require a post-secondary education." 

Image:   Marty Bicek

Image: Marty Bicek

"A Moving Celebration of Education"
The Modesto Bee, May 2017

"South Modesto Partnership, Modesto City Schools and Harvard student Emanuel Escamilla have teamed to provide a multiyear computer coding program, that will help point tweens and teens toward high-paying jobs of the future."

Image:   Jane Zavala

Image: Jane Zavala

"Coding Champions"
209 Magazine, November 2017

"I believe technology can create miracles,” said Katyal. “I realized that within new technology, there’s the possibility for the betterment of communities, and coding is something I can do to help enhance that."

Image:   Danny Mauricio

Image: Danny Mauricio

"Modesto teens develop app to help the homeless"
ABC News, March 2018

"The whole motive for this app is for people to be able to find and donate to the homeless,' said Katyal. 'There are over 500,000 homeless people in the United States, and California actually has the most in the country with over 170,000. We really wanted to help decrease those numbers."