St. Augustine, FL (11/7/18)

St. Augustine, FL (11/7/18)

On November 7, 2018 Emmanuel Escamilla completed the cross-country journey from San Francisco, CA to St. Augustine, FL. He biked 3,261 miles, across 8 states, in 54 days to support students secure the financial backing necessary to further their education and pursue their innovative ideas.  

Having completed the CodeX- Bike Across America, a sincere thank you to all those who supported the journey. Updates and details about CodeX will be provided via email.

The donation page will be open until November 20, 2018. To receive updates on plans involving CodeX in 2019, please sign-up for our weekly newsletter.

CodeX is an education nonprofit that makes tech accessible to rural and low-income communities in California’s Central Valley. It was created to inspire young students develop the tech skills they each need to reach their goals. Now CodeX seeks to further its mission by inspiring students to finish their educational journey, by being the first in their family to attend college.

By donating to this cause, you will help CodeX deepen its impact in developing "homegrown" tech talent in the Central Valley.

About Emmanuel:
After founding CodeX in 2015, he received his master’s degree from Harvard University in May 2018. He has trained to travel cross-country to inspire others of CodeX’s mission.  

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